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We are so glad you will be joining us at Westbrook for the 2018-2019 year. There are two volunteer parent organizations that are active in Westbrook School: Westbrook School Council and the Parents at Westbrook Society. They are separate and unique organizations that share a commitment to the Westbrook experience. 

About Westbrook School Council (WSC)
All parents with children attending Westbrook School are members of Westbrook School Council. Parents usually meet on a monthly basis throughout the school year to discuss how we can positively contribute to the experience our children share at Westbrook School. 

Westbrook School Council (W.S.C.) is a collective association of parents, who with our principal, work together to effectively support and enhance student learning. School councils exist to advise the Principal and the Edmonton Public School Board on matters relating to the school. Our School Council provides a means for parents and the school community to work together with school administration and staff to promote the well-being and overall effectiveness of the school community. 

Westbrook School Council meetings
  • provide a forum for parents to ask questions, share information, and participate in activities that improve the education experience of our students
  • are an opportunity for parents to work together to improve our children's learning environment
  • are the vehicle to contribute to administrative decisions in a constructive and productive environment

About Parents At Westbrook Society (PAWS)

The Parents At Westbrook Society (PAWS) is a fundraising organization. It is separate and independent from the School Council and Westbrook School. The primary function of the Society is to raise money through participation in casinos and other activities throughout the year. Every parent and guardian of a child attending Westbrook can become a member of PAWS. 

PAWS gives parents and guardians of students attending Westbrook a direct influence over the amount and direction of financial support provided to Westbrook School. Fundraising has become a necessary activity given budget cutbacks by the Provincial Government. 

The Westbrook School Council and the Parents at Westbrook Society hold joint meetings over the course of the school year.  This is to allow parents to come to one meeting and learn about the activities of both WSC and PAWS, and the various opportunities for parents to participate.  It may be as simple as coming out to hear what is happening, to making your voice heard or rolling up  your sleeves and helping with a school or fundraising events.  It is up to you to decide your level of participation.  We want every parent to feel welcome and a part of the Westbrook School Community.